Mondrian Wall

Sequential are educationalists and software engineers, committed to improving important but messy, nebulous areas of education through innovative software and unique consultancy services, which together help schools achieve their improvement goals.

Online software for students and staff

Sequential created didbook and the Mondrian Wall as part of the Education Identity Platform - a new approach to tackling critical aspects of education such as holistic development, Education Identity, whole school dynamic curriculum, and teacher-student engagement.

+ Strategic Consultancy for school leaders

Through creative leadership guidance, consultancy services, and Improvement Sessions, Sequential address each school’s unique needs, in the areas where it matters most. Their systems have been developed in conjunction with teachers, tested in over sixty schools to assess design and relevancy, and have been praised by Ofsed, UCAS, and the IBO. Their term ‘Education Identity’ is becoming widely adopted in education.

Why? Because we can make a difference.

We all know that there are complex areas of education that need to be addressed urgently, and Sequential’s online software + consultancy approach provides the insight, systems and discipline to make a difference.

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